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Where you can manage the whole rotation process. The weight, environmental data as well as information necessary for the most important farming decisions are displayed.

Management of pig rotations by a software that is easy to use

Our PigFlow solution is ideal for pig farms that want to keep track of rotations on a daily basis and want to optimize the operation of the farms by using cutting-edge technologies.

The PigFlow rotation management software supports rotation related decisions and pig records with numerous data, easily understandable user interface and clear charts.

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Learn more about our rotation management software

  1. Data driven information

    Based on the data captured in the system, we provide automatic and smart suggestions and notifications to our customers.

  2. Wide range of data

    Our system supports the rotation management with a number of important data points e.g. the weight, number, age of the pigs, the date of restocking and the quality of the air.

  3. Data visualization

    You do not have to rely on raw data, numbers, and tables only to make decisions, our software presents information through clear diagrams and charts.

  4. Diverse functionality

    Our product makes it possible for you to compare several rotations on the same page, view the changes in weight or the expected date of transport.

Are you interested in managing livestock rotations by a software solution?


The software supported rotation management has a number of benefits

  • More economical and more effective processes

    More economical and more effective processes

    Our product helps you make well-founded decisions that are based on correct information and thus contributes to improve the profitability of the pig farm.

  • Automatic data collection

    Automatic data collection

    Our system takes the burden of data collection and data management from your shoulders.

  • Easier administration


    Our software minimizes the possibility of human mistakes and reduces the amount of rotation related administration.

  • Smart support every day

    Smart support
    every day

    The PigFlow system sends notifications about significant tasks and information, so that you could intervene if necessary.