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Where pigs and their environment are monitored and analyzed by a multi-sensor instrument.

Improving the air quality of pig pens by modern technology

The sensors of PigData continuously monitor the composition of the air, analyze the data and provide smart solutions to keep the farming conditions at an optimal level.

The basis of the development of the machine learning based system is the data sets that have been gradually expanding since 2017.

Learn more about our PigData solution and improve the air quality on your pig farm!

PigData - Improving the air quality of pig pens by modern technology

PigData measurement of environmental conditions on pig farms


Maintain the ideal temperature in the pens!


Monitor the amount of ammonia not to exceed the threshold!

Particle pollution

Keep the amount of particle pollution at an acceptable level!

Carbon dioxide

Avoid CO2 levels that are harmful to health!


Monitor the humidity in the air!

Monitoring the environment where porkers live has numerous benefits

  1. Decision support

    The system supports you in making well-informed decisions in your daily work by providing you accurate environmental data.

  2. Smart proposals

    The PigData measures and analyzes ambient changes, then provides options for you to improve the quality of the conditions of the livestock's environment.

  3. Flexible data transfer

    The daily data and alerts may be forwarded via email, sent to an external software or to our PigFlow product.

  4. Easy manageability and clarity

    Our product has been designed to make the measurement and analysis process automatic.

Are you interested in improving the air quality in the pens?


The benefits of an environmental monitoring-based, complex decision support

  • Economy and cost-effectiveness

    Economy and cost-effectiveness

    The countless benefits of better conditions contribute to a quick return on a relatively low investment.

  • The mortality rate is reduced

    The mortality rate is reduced

    Environmental improvements have positive effects on animal health and help prevent infections.

  • Better quality meat is achievable

    Better quality meat is achievable

    Improving the environment and condition of pigs also affects the quality of the meat positively.

  • Animal welfare and health improve

    Better animal welfare and health

    Sustainable livestock farming may be achieved only if appropriate conditions are ensured.