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Where pigs are counted with the help of cameras and machine learning - while they are in motion, in real time, with impressive accuracy.

Keeping track of the pig population has never been so easy

Our PigCounter solution is the quickest and easiest option available on the market when it comes to pig counting - our cameras and software provide prompt information regardless of what time the animals are counted.

Optimize the operation of your pig farm by using an automated pig counting system!

PigCounter - Keeping track of the pig population with pig counter system

Learn more about our pig counting system

  1. Prompt data

    Our system provides data on the number of pigs in real time during the counting process.

  2. Even while pigs are moving

    The PigCounter can do the counting accurately even when pigs in motion e.g. during pig herding.

  3. Flexible data transfer

    The data may be forwarded via email, sent to an external software or to our PigFlow product.

  4. Accurate numbers in various settings

    Due to the neural net the presence of people or objects does not have any impact on the counting process.

Are you interested in keeping track of the pig population?


Pig counting has a number of benefits

  • Economy and cost-efficiency

    Economy and

    Our product ensures a smooth and accurate counting process resulting in a quick return on investment.

  • Stress-free for animals

    for animals

    The use of our system is invisible to animals.

  • Elimination of human errors

    Elimination of
    human errors

    Compared to other methods, our software minimizes the possibility of human errors.

  • Less administration


    Our product significantly reduces the amount of counting related administration.