Where pigs are monitored by cameras and their weight is estimated by software solutions.

The most effective solution for pig weight measurement

The PigBrother monitors pigs and constantly provides information about the weight of the animals. The daily weight measurement of porkers is carried out by a technology that combines innovative machine vision and machine learning, allowing our clients to minimizehuman workforce, resulting easier, more effective, and more economical animal farming practices.

Learn more about PigBrother and improve the efficiency of the animal weight measurement process on your pig farm!

PigBrother - Pig weight measurement by camera

PigBrother weight estimation by cameras

  1. Accuracy

    Our product can estimate the weight of pigs with impressive accuracy by conducting analyses of several thousands of pictures taken every day

  2. Automatic and continuous operation

    The weight estimation process does not need any human intervention, data are transferred automatically

  3. Flexible data transfer

    Our solution may forward the daily weight figures and alerts via email or send the information to an external software e.g., to our PigFlow product

  4. Innovative technology

    Our software is equipped with machine learning and neural net technologies that we constantly develop to address and fulfill our customers’ needs as much as possible

Are you interested in the most efficient solution for weight measurement of pigs?


The automatic weight measurement of porkers has a number of benefits

  • More effective process with less resource

    More effective process
    less resources

    The lack of well-trained workforce does not hinder the production process and the risk of human error can be minimized.

  • Porkers can be slaughtered at optimal weight

    Porkers can be slaughtered at optimal weight

    The animals are selected at the right moment to avoid any excess weight.

  • Stress-free weight measurement for the whole livestock

    Stress-free weight measurement for the whole livestock

    The elimination of human intervention results in healthier pigs and thus higher quality meat.

  • Up-to-date data for quick decisions

    Up-to-date data
    quick decisions

    The use of data from weight increase contributes to a well-informed operational or economic decision making – the changing and efficient use of feed can be optimized.