Image recognition and decision support system optimized for the pig fattening industry

The Pigbrother is an application that helps to improve the efficiency of pig fattening and processing at a low investment cost. The system processes large amounts of data from repositories IoT using machine learning methods.


What we do? We are estimating weight of pigs

  • With the use of cameras
  • Automated
  • Without demand for manual labour
  • Low installation cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Stress-free

Why is this good? Advantages of PigBrother

  • It provides an up to date monitoring on daily weight gain
  • Feed utilization optimization based on stock market updates
  • Optimal cutting scenario
  • Measuring and responding quickly to environmental changes
  • Immediate alert when the weight gain shows a significant decline

How it works? Decision Support Software



As a first step, we assess the current status and needs of the pig farm and its infrastructure through stakeholder interviews and field research.

Developing a personalized solution

An expert team consisting of veterinarians, mathematicians and programmers will advise you on how many experimental pens on your pig farm is necessary to create for an accurate weight estimate.


Installation IT tools

We procure and install the necessary IoT devices…

Data collection, data analysis

The system uses machine learning methods to process large amounts of data from IoT devices housed in pens.


Decision Support

By constant data gathering about the pig farm, which is displayed on a web interface. We can easily forecast and make suggestions about the fattening in order to maximize profits.

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About us En-Co Software

The Pigbrother Startup was brought to life by EN-CO Software in 2019. EN-CO Software was foundend in 2008 and from the beginning we have a passion for developing systems that create real value based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and looking for industries where this technology is most applicable.

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