Efficiency-enhancing software for pig farms

Where animals are monitored by cameras and sensors

Why you should choose PigBrother?

  • Genetic potential exploited to full extent by modern technology

    The encounter of nature and machine vision makes the continuous weight estimation, selection and counting of pigs as well as the measurement of their environmental data and rotation management possible - all with impressive accuracy.

  • Useful information from accurate data

    The actual data provided by cameras and sensors are processed by our innovative software solution and the resulting up-to-date statistics are made available to our customers in an easily comprehensible and usable form to support their business decisions.

  • We understand the daily challenges farmers face

    Our system is constantly developed with the involvement of pig farms, livestock experts and in line with your needs and demands so what we could provide real solutions for your daily challenges.

  • We help you make livestock farming more economical and sustainable

    We support you in both the installation and operation of our solutions to create a more efficient, state-of-the-art, and truly sustainable pig farming system.

Good for farmers

  • The genetic potential of pigs can be optimized
  • Pigs and their environmental conditions are constantly monitored
  • Higher quality meat is achievable
Good for farmers

Good for animals

  • The mortality rate is reduced, animal health is fostered
  • A stress free solution for animals without any human intervention
Good for animals

Good for the company

  • Administrative burden is eased, you can save time and spare human resources
  • Working conditions are elevated
  • A quick return on investment may be expected while efficiency and profitability are improving
Good for company

Learn more about our machine learning based weight estimation solution!

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Our company and project

The solutions provided by PigBrother, which was launched in 2017, are backed by EN‑CO Software Zrt’s 10-year IT development experience and technological expertise. The primary focus of the company founded in 2008 has been customized software development.

We aim at elevating our products with the help of market-leading pig farms and livestock experts as well as veterinarians every single day.

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